About Me

Hi there! I'm Jonny, a Front-end Developer and creative based out of Bristol, UK.

In my spare time I like making things. Creating or developing my skills to bring ideas to life. Adding those extra touches that make peoples heads turn and take notice.

in emergency: add saltwater
  • Water. Preferably in large amounts. Doesn't matter if its frozen as long as I'm up a mountain.
  • Boardsports for sanity: windsurfing, skating, snowboarding, surfing, kitesurfing ...
  • Campervan for those weekend trips; boards don't carry themselves
  • Peanut butter.
a mixed bag

I am a strong communicator who enjoys working with diverse clients through a pragmatic and flexible process to deliver beautiful optimised digital solutions.

As a marine engineer turned developer I'm not your usual suspect, but if you need a website built underwater I'm your guy.

  • Strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Experience with Vue, Nuxt.js and Laravel
  • A love of css animations and ui transitions
  • Knowledge of Git, GitFlow, CI & CD
  • MEng in Marine Engineering from Southampton University
questions, ideas or just want a chat